Mark & Maria | Intimate Wedding

This past winter I had the honor of photographing Mark and Maria for their intimate winter wedding. I remember the first time meeting them and hearing their excitement as they shared how they envisioned their day. I loved that they so deeply valued having a wedding that would include the their closest friends and family and keep things simple so they could focus on enjoying their day with their closest people.

Even in the winter cold, the sun(and patio heater) seemed to keep us all warm as the family gathered outside to witness the marriage between Mark and Maria. One of my favorite moments was the hugging frenzy that took place after the bride and groom kissed. It was wonderful to experience and of course to capture.

Near the end of blog you’ll see photos of the two sitting one a porch and being sung to by the bride’s family. I point this out not only because it was unique, but this has been a family tradition for years. They love to sing to the couple after they are married to share their love and excitement and maybe lovingly embarrass… but just a little though.

I hope that you enjoy this very unique intimate wedding of Mark and Maria.

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