"Photography isn’t a job to them. It’s their passion!"

Jacki & Vince

A beautifully crafted photo tells a much larger story.

We are Michael and Lindsey, and we are the Ramey's.


Our love story actually began where we want to meet you: behind the camera. We met in college and began casually shooting photos together. Before we knew it, our love of art began to weave with our many shared values and interests, creating the deepest of friendships and the sweetest of love. For every coffee date, walk in the woods, and every sunset chased, a camera has never been out of reach. We both feel photography has been a passion, a joy, even a language, before it ever became a “job.”

As a married couple now, we know the wild preparation of engagement, the anticipation of the wedding day, and the priceless moments with family and friends as you celebrate your union together. Our greatest aim is to gift you with images that you’ll not only be thrilled by today, but ones that will help you to relive your wedding day ten, twenty— sixty years from now.




I'm Derrike


My photography career began while studying for my Bachelor's degree in college. I fell into the world of weddings and engagements by chance when a couple from my high school asked me to photograph their engagement. I was a little reluctant at first, but eventually said yes and it has changed my life since. I love having the opportunity to dive into someone else’s world and capture their story and who they are. I enjoy traveling & I am honored to serve the Dayton, Cincinnati, & Columbus areas!


I love music and in my spare time I am either playing guitar or developing film. My favorite rock band has to be Queen and I like to think of myself as a coffee enthusiast. 

While photography is our primary art form, our first love has been music for the both of us. Lindsey grew up as a dancer and melodies are always running through her mind. Michael taught himself the guitar in grade school and it has been one of his greatest companions.

Wedding days are not the only days we’re photographers. We have a sincere, nerdy interest in many forms of photography. Michael often talks about film at the dinner table and has been known to get lost in the dark room for hours developing negatives.

We both enjoy the simplicity of being in nature. Michael’s favorite stateside spot is Zion, UT. Lindsey’s favorite place in the states is Cannon Beach, OR.


I'm Lindsey


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"They made us feel comfortable in front of the camera from the very start! They are so friendly, and their energy is contagious."

Rozen & Jared

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